Is Television Destroying Society?

I ask this question here and as you read it there is probably a television on somewhere in your house or even in the same room as you. Maybe you are in work and there’s no television and you’ve just made me look like a twit. Either way I’m going to try and explain my issues with the old tele box in the corner.

I won’t lie, as a child I was never a massive fan of movies, to be quite frank I find 99% of them utter rubbish. I find most of them to be sensationalised, sex fueled, boring imitations of life with a total dearth of emotion or true story telling. I sound like a pompous old Lord but that’s how I feel. There are few good movies out there, and these movies I will watch occasionally.

In general however I watch two things on television, the news and documentaries. I like to be receiving new information pertaining to reality rather than sit and watch a bumbling recreation of life. Now I know many people do enjoy watching television and that is fine, that’s their tastes. It takes all sorts I guess…

The point of this article however is this; is television holding you back?

How many hours a day do you spend watching television? What are you watching? Are they just the same reruns over and over again? Is it just pointless soap operas or false drama? Even worse, dare I ask is it reality television?

I understand the need to allow your brain to just switch off at times and in these times I will watch crap television or I’ll play computer games for a while. But the problem with our society is that it seems obsessed with just vegetating in front of a flickering screen as the world passes them by.

Our society is so materialistic, we go to work in jobs we hate to pay for things we don’t need because of materialism. Beyond the need to eat, drink, house and clothe yourself, all of which are catered for by the state in most Western nations you have nothing else you need. What you work for is almost entirely material gain. Few people work solely to fund experiences and expeditions. We work so we can buy a big expensive house to sleep in and a fancy expensive car to drive to that house from work to make sure we can sleep before we drive back to work.

My point being this, your time is so finite. Many of us, and I’m guilty too of this too, just let life pass us by. No wonder so many people are miserable. I often question when someone say’s they are depressed. Depression is a serious illness and what I find most of the time is that many ‘depressed’ people are just miserable. It annoys me because as someone who actually has to battle depression when I hear someone who is very evidently not depressed complain about depression it almost trivialises the illness. I believe it is this trivialisation that makes depression misunderstood and leads to people telling depressed people to just get on with things and cheer up.

They say those idiotic things because that’s how they believe they cured their ‘depression’. But they weren’t depressed. They were miserable with their own life choices. That’s not an illness, it’s circumstance.

You would think in our society so obsessed with sex, freedom, materialism and all aspects of hedonism that after working all day we would go home to parties, alcohol, feasts and mass sex but we don’t… We go home and rot away with a microwave or takeaway dinner watching some utter blather of a reenactment of life. We watch fake people live fake lives rather than live our own.

If we went home and instead went for a run, studied for one hour, ONE HOUR! it’s nothing! Cooked our own dinner, met up with friends, partied, gamed, picnicked etc. we would be not just happier with our lives but we would be more achieved in our lives. It’s difficult to motivate yourself to actually live your life in the way you want to live it sometimes and that’s a very sad reality of the world in which we live.

However it can be done. Instead of watching television from 6pm onward to bed time, don’t watch it one day of the week! Stay away from it, stay away from the computer too. If you’re going to just sit on your smart phone, at least do it in the garden or the park. Read a book, read for a half hour, that’s all, it’s nothing, it’s 1/48th of your day. Go for a run, a fifteen minute run can burn 200 calories and will make you feel infinitely better in yourself.

Just switch the television off, live the life that you are watching on that box, or even better, live a better life… People in soap opera’s have awful lives, live a better one.

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