Get Jacked

As we’ve all heard exercising is good for the mental health. For those of us with body image issues, working out can really help us build up a sense of self worth. Gaining muscle for guys and girls is a brilliant way to learn to love your body. And for any girls reading this not thinking weights are for them let me dispel the biggest myth, you won’t get too big. I don’t know where that myth came from but if you search online for girls who lift weights, most of them are very light rather than mini Arnies.

Muscle weighs more than fat so you will look better but weigh more which means you get to eat more, which is always a plus. And for people wanting to lift weights to get big make sure you eat A LOT. You build muscle by eating like horse. But for those of you looking to just look better, feel better and be a bit stronger here is my personal beginners weights workout if you have access to a gym.

I like to keep workouts for beginners especially short and snappy. Beginners in my opinion should concentrate on building a good foundation of muscle. I personally did weightlifting for many years so I built up a very good foundation of muscle before I moved into doing more isolation style workouts i.e. Arms day or leg day. I think when you first start for at least the first six months you should concentrate almost solely on heavy, multi joint compound lifts. This will get the body to develop muscle all over as evenly as possible, it will burn the most calories and show you good results in a quick time.

Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 4 10
Wide Grip Bench Press 3 10
Pull Ups 3 Max
Overhead Press 3 10
Tricep Dips 3 Max
EZ Bar Curls 3 10
Crunches 5 10

This workout is 24 sets overall which is a moderate workload but the exercises will make you sweat big time! All the major muscles in the body are directly hit. The minor muscles will be hit hard too. Doing this for six months with increasing weights every week will result in a very solid and strong muscle foundation. From there you can branch off into split days and blasting individual muscle groups per day.

This workout is only designed to be done three times a week. And if you do it right you won’t be able to do it more than that. The reps are set at ten for most exercises and this means that if you do your first set and you can’t reach the ten reps before your muscle fails then use a lower weight for your second set with the aim of reaching 10 reps per set. If you do more than ten reps then increase the weight with the aim of reaching 10 reps per set.

For your first time, start light with the weights, build yourself up slowly. Rushing will injure yourself, you have your whole life to get up to the massive weights and trust me you will get to heavier weights far quicker than you can imagine.

I recommend doing this workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is no reason why on two of the other four days of the week that you can’t go for a light run or a light swim. Swimming is a great workout for burning fat, building muscle and recovering from intense workouts.

Remember you are doing this to improve your self worth, self image and confidence. Looking good is a by-product. You will be the weakest there the first day you walk in. But tomorrow someone new will start and they will be weaker than you. My point is try not to worry about what others are thinking. The type of gyms I’ve frequented my entire life have been places where everyone is way too busy doing their own workout to notice anyone around them. Moreover real gym rats will respect you for being there, they once had to start at the bottom. Everyone you are intimidated of in the gym was once you.

Face down the fear, pick up that iron and pump hard. Soon you will have more confidence than you know what to do with. You may even start your own fitness blog in the future! If you do give me a shoutout!

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